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Split System Air Conditioning PenrithThe Inverter tag found on some air conditioners signifies the ability of the unit to continuously regulate its thermal power flow.

Traditional reverse-cycle air-conditioners use a heat pump that is either working at maximum capability or switched off, as the compressor's speed cannot be varied. In order to regulate temperature a thermistor is used to measure the ambient air temperature and switch the compressor on when the ambient air temperature is too far from the desired temperature.

Air-conditioners bearing the Inverter tag use a rectifier to convert the incoming AC current to DC and then use Pulse-Width Modulation of the DC current within an inverter (electrical) to produce AC current of a desired frequency. As the speed of a brushless motor is synchronised to the frequency of the AC current it is thus possible to build a compressor that can be run at different speeds. A microcontroller can then sample the current ambient air temperature and adjust the speed of the compressor appropriately.

Split System Air Conditioning PenrithThe effect of eliminating stop-start cycles is to increase efficiency, extend the life of components and eliminate sharp fluctuations in the load the air-conditioner places on the power supply cost.

Single split systems are a popular choice for your air conditioning needs.

A split system can be installed into one room or area of your house. You have a choice of just cooling or cooling and heating, as well as inverter and non-inverter types.

A split system has an indoor unit that is connected to an outdoor unit. These come in different energy sizes depending on your room size and requirements, our technician will advise you at the time of consultation which size would be suitable for your home or office.

A multi split system is a good choice for air conditioned comfort in your home if ducting is not appropriate or not wanted; or indeed if individual room control is desired. You can air condition your entire home with a single outdoor unit.

Multi splits systems are a good choice if you want to individually control the temperature in each room, or you want different types of units in your rooms. You can mix conventional wall mounted split units with ceiling suspended units, bulkhead units, etc.

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